Sizing Chart

Whether in an apartment in the city or a comfortable small- to mid-size living space, 160/230 or 200/290 rug is ideal for those looking to make their room look and feel more spacious.



Designer Tip: Place your sofa or club chairs at the very edge of the rug with legs off to maintain stabilization and avoid a cluttered look and feel.

To accommodate a mid- to large-size living room, 200/290 or 240/340 rug is the most popular room layout with maximum comfort underfoot to add proportion and balance.



Designer Tip: Place the front legs of your sofa or club chair on the outer edges of the rug to maintain stabilization and avoid a cluttered look and feel.

For a large room, showcase a stunning 240/340 area rug to make a grand statement in a living space designed for luxurious entertainment gatherings.



Designer Tip: Place your sofa, sectional, or club chairs with all legs on top of the rug for a much more “pulled-together” look and feel in large spaces.

Use a 160/230 rectangular rug in smaller dining areas with a table and 4 – 6 chairs.



Designer Tip: Make sure that the edge of the dining table is a minimum of 60cm away from the edge of your area rug.

Use a 240/340 rug in larger dining areas with a table and 6 – 8 chairs.



Designer Tip: Ensure placement allows a minimum of 45cm of bare floor from the edge of the rug to any wall.

For a bedroom, a 160/230 rug is ideal for a full or twin size bed, and a 240/340 rug works well with a king or queen size bed.



Designer Tip: The rug looks best when placed perpendicular under the bed with enough rug exposed on either side to place your feet.